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This page is about the Redstone Transmitter added by RFTools. For other uses, see Redstone Transmitter.
Redstone Transmitter

ModRF Tools

The Redstone Transmitter is a Redstone logic machine added by RFTools.

In response to receiving a redstone signal, the Redstone Transmitter will send a wireless redstone signal on a specific channel. Redstone Receivers listening on the same channel will then output a signal. The wireless connection works over any distance and dimension.



  • Redstone Transmitters may be paired with multiple receivers.
  • Multiple transmitters may send on the same channel.
  • Redstone Receivers will act on a signal sent by any transmitter on the same channel.


  • A new Redstone Transmitter will be automatically assigned a channel number when it is placed.
  • A Redstone Receiver can be paired with a transmitter by right-clicking the receiver on the transmitter.
  • A Redstone Transmitter can be assigned the same channel by right-clicking on an existing paired transmitter.
  • To clear a channel, simply put it in a crafting grid.

Further information

For further information on using RFTools to process Redstone logic, see the guide RFTools Redstone Logic.


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