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This page is about the Redstone Transmitter added by GregTech 5 Unofficial. For other uses, see Redstone Transmitter.
Redstone Transmitter

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
Tooltip textTransfers Redstonesignals wireless

The Redstone Transmitter is a cover added by GregTech 5 Unofficial used together with the Redstone Receiver Cover.


Place a Redstone Transmitter on any GT Block accepting Covers and a Redstone Receiver on another. Click on the placed down cover (bare handed or with screwdriver) to change the channel it is using. Once a Redstone Transmitter is receiving a redstone signal, it will send that signal to all Redstone Receivers using the same channel. The Redstone Receivers will then emit that redstone signal.

The "out" means the redstone signal will be emitted from the block the cover is placed on, "in" means it is sent directly into the block it is placed on.