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This page is about the Redstone Energy Conduit added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Redstone Energy Conduit.
Redstone Energy Conduit

ModThermal Expansion 3
Previous tier
RF traversing10000 RF/t

The Redstone Energy Conduit is a way of transporting energy from energy sources to the machines that use the energy.


The Redstone Energy Conduit is created by placing a Energy Conduit (Empty) into a Liquid Transposer and filling it with Molten Redstone

Eight Energy Conduit (Empty) are crafted with two Electrum Ingots and one Hardened Glass

Place the empty Energy Conduit in a Liquid Transposer with Destabilized Redstone to create Redstone Energy Conduits. This requires 200 mB of destabilized redstone, equivalent to 2 redstone dust.


  • Conduits lose 5% of the energy put into them from power sources. If an Engine outputs 4MJ/t, the conduit moves 3.8MJ/t from that engine. This is a one-time loss where the engine connects to a conduit, not a per conduit loss. A 1000-conduit long line will have the same energy at the end as a 1 conduit long line.
  • Conduits do not lose energy when receiving energy from an Energy Tesseract.
  • Conduits can receive up to 1000 MJ/t from a single source (if you can find one that makes that much). This applies to one single source, not a combination of sources. Each engine counts as a separate source.