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This page is about the Redstone Energy Cell added by Thermal Expansion. For other uses, see Redstone Energy Cell.
Redstone Energy Cell

ModThermal Expansion 3
TypeSolid block
Previous tier
Next tier
Max RF input1,000 RF/t
RF storage10,000,000 RF
Max RF output1,000 RF/t

The Redstone Energy Cell is a stationary and portable battery for MJ. It can be charged by supplying it with BuildCraft power, and discharged like an Engine (i. e. with Wooden Conductive Pipes or Redstone Energy Conduits). The maximum input and output rates can be configured in its GUI.

It will retain its charge even when mined or picked up with a compatible wrench, making it an easy-to-use portable battery. Just like an Engine it can power machines directly without the need for a Wooden Conductive Pipe in between.


The first step in making a Redstone Energy Cell is the Energy Storage Frame, which can be crafted with four Electrum Ingots, four Hardened Glass, and one Diamond.

Next is the Energy Storage (Empty), which can be crafted with one Electrum Ingots, two Lead Ingots, one Energy Storage Frame, and one Redstone Conductance Coil.

The Energy Storage (Empty) must then be filled with Destabilized Redstone in a Liquid Transposer to finish making the Redstone Energy Cell. This requires 4 buckets of Destabilized Redstone, equivalent to 40 Redstone Dust.


Energy Storage Max Energy Input = 100 Max Energy Output= 100
600,000 MJ 100 MJ/t 100 MJ/t