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This page is about the Redstone Clock added by Extra Utilities. For other uses, see Redstone Clock.
Redstone Clock
Block Redstone Clock.png

ModExtra Utilities
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance5
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:timer
Unlocalized nametimer

The Redstone Clock is a block added by Extra Utilities which emits a Redstone pulse once a second, or every 20 ticks. The block does not change visually when emitting redstone, nor does it emit light when active. It can be used as a cheap and space-saving alternative to a Vanilla redstone clock built with Redstone Repeaters, although its pulse rate is not configurable.

It will stop working if activated by a continuous Redstone signal - attaching a Lever to the Redstone Clock allows easy toggling.


The Redstone Clock is well-suited to automate a Smeltery, as its redstone pulse can be extended to activate several Seared Faucets at once. Other applications for the Redstone Clock include the LiquiCrafter or the Block Breaker, the latter of which can be used to build an early-game automatic Cobblestone generator.


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