Redstone Board

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Redstone Board


The Redstone Board is an item added by BuildCraft. It has no direct function, but it's the basic component for all specific Redstone Boards (shown in the table below) which are use to give the Robot a specific job.

Icon Specific Redstone Board Energy (RF) required

Bomber 128,000

Builder 512,000

Butcher 32,000

Carrier 8,000

Delivery 128,000

Farmer 32,000

Harvester 32,000

Knight 128,000

Leaf Cutter 32,000

Lumberjack 32,000

Miner 32,000

Picker 8,000

Planter 32,000

Pump 32,000

Shovelman 32,000

Stripes 128,000

Tank 8,000