Red Matter Sword (Equivalent Exchange 2)

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This page is about the Red Matter Sword added by Equivalent Exchanger 2. For other uses, see Red Matter Sword.
Red Matter Sword

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
Previous tier
Next tier
EMC value1,220,608 EMC

The Red Matter Sword is a weapon from Equivalent Exchange 2. This weapon will deal roughly 7 hearts of damage when used as a melee weapon. The Red Matter Sword does not have a durability.

Once it is charged using the charge key, it can also be used as an area-of-effect weapon by right-clicking. This area-of-effect attack will consume one glowstone dust in the user's inventory per swing. Its area will be determined by the charge level. It can also be used to kill all aggressive mobs or kill all mobs in the area by changing its mode.

It can be used to create the Red Katar.