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RedPower 2
Modicon RedPower
Current developersEloraam
Version2.0 prerelease 6
Supported Minecraft versions1.4.7
Needed forRedPower Tweaks
Feed The Beast Retro SMP
Feed The Beast Retro SSP
Feed The Beast Beta Pack A
Pax Challenge Pack
Tech World
YogCraft Modpack
MindCrack Pack
Direwolf20 Pack
FTB Ultimate

RedPower 2, the continuation of RedPower, is a mod originally focused on Redstone circuitry, which has however grown and also offers many other non-Redstone-related blocks, machines and items. Due to RedPower 2 not being updated past Minecraft version 1.4.7, there are several remakes and continuations of it, such as Project Red and Blue Power.


RedPower 2 consists of four modules: Core, Digital, Mechanical and Compat[ibility]. Core is the main part of the mod and has to be installed for any other modules to work, whereas the three others are independent and can be installed in any combination.


RedPower Core provides basic functionality necessary for the other modules. This includes the Alloy Furnace, Handsaws and Microblocks.


RedPower Digital is the Redstone-focused part of the mod - it includes Red Alloy Wire, its insulated, bundled and jacketed versions, one-block Redstone logic circuits and lamps in many shapes and colors.


RedPower Mechanical includes various kinds of machines, ores, volcanoes, plants, the Blutricity power system, tubes to transport items and liquids, computers, and Support Frames.


RedPower Compat is a small module that allows interfacing with other mods. Currently it only includes the Blulectric Engine, an engine that produces MJ when supplied with Blutricity.