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RedNet Cable

ModMineFactory Reloaded

The RedNet Cable is a cable added by MineFactory Reloaded. It closely resembles the bundled cable and redstone wiring in RedPower 2. It has modes which can be changed with a Precision Sledgehammer or OmniWrench.



The cable can be set to any of the 16 different colors and it will only send a signal to that color on the other end of the wire. The color can be changed with a Precision Sledgehammer or an Omni Wrench (if available). The cable does not need to be put along another surface as it can be stacked straight up or down on top of itself. It will automatically connect with a surface that needs it but it can be set to 3 different modes with a a wrench.

  1. Cable only mode - will only connect to other cables and nothing else.
  2. Default mode - normal mode will connect with most stuff.
  3. Force connection mode - will connect with anything regardless of what it is.