Reborn Storage

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Reborn Storage
Modicon Reborn Storage.png
Current developersmodmuss50
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2-1.12.2
Depends onReborn Core
Refined Storage
SkyFactory 3

Reborn Storage is an addon mod for Refined Storage created by modmuss50, GigaBit101, and ProspectorDev. It adds four blocks to create a multi-block crafter for use with Refined Storage, inspired by Applied Energistics.


The multiblock crafter is used to supplement or replace Crafters in Refined Storage by allowing you to place 78 crafting Patterns per Reborn Storage Crafting Storage block, instead of the normal 9 Patterns per Refined Storage Crafter. To increase speed of the multiblock crafter, you need to add more Crafting CPUs, and to increase the amount of stored Patterns, you need to add more Crafting Storages. The multiblock crafter has a minimum size of 3x3x4 and a maximum size of 16x16x16. For more information on how to auto craft, please see here.

To create a multiblock crafter, the outside edges must consist of Crafting Frames, the outside walls must consist of Heat Conductors, and the center must consist of at least 1 Crafting CPU and 1 Crafting Storage. For a YouTube guide, please see here


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