Reactor Steam Vent

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Reactor Steam Vent

ModIndustrialCraft 2 Classic
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The Reactor Steam Vent is a version of the Reactor Heat Vent for the IndustrialCraft 2 Classic Steam Reactor.



The Reactor Steam Vent absorbs water and heat from the Steam Reactor to produce Steam. While outputting steam, heat is lost from the reactor. If the steam is not removed however no heat is lost. They require a minimum of 100 heat in order to start producing steam. Reactor Steam Vents do not drain the maximum possible amount of heat from a reactor immediately, instead their heat usage is based on the vent's percentage stored heat and the maximum amount of heat they can remove at once.

Max 5 Heat Drain Per Tick
500 stored heat of a maximum of 1100 = ~50 Percent = ~2.5 Heat Drain Per Tick


Max Reactor Heat Drainː 5 heat/t
Max Heat Drainː 5 heat/t
Max Water Storageː 5 mB
Max Water Consumtionː 0.125 mB/t
Max Steam Productionː 20mB/t