Reactor Redstone Port (Big Reactors)

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This page is about the Reactor Redstone Port from Big Reactors. For other uses, see Reactor Redstone Port.
Reactor Redstone Port

ModBig Reactors
TypeMultiblock structure

The Reactor Redstone Port is a block added by Big Reactors; a Reactor Redstone Port can be used as either and input or an output to allow for greater control of a reactor. It must be placed on the face of a multi-block reactor, but cannot be on an edge.

A Reactor Redstone Port can only function as a single input or output, but several ports may be placed on a single reactor. Each port also has to be set individually, and its GUI is accessed via right-clicking on it.




  • Turn the machine on and off, based on signal.
  • Adjust control rod insertion.
  • Eject waste to a reactor access port.


  • Fuel temperature (c)
  • Casing temperature (c)
  • Fuel to waste mixture (%)
  • Fuel amount (mb)
  • Waste amount (mb)
  • Energy amount (%)


While the uses for a Reactor Redstone Port are many, a few examples may help when designing a reactor.

  • As a safety to stop the reactor should the coolant run out.
  • As a safety to stop the reactor should the core temperature rise too high.
  • As a safety in case a turbine is disconnected or destroyed.
  • To control how much fuel is inside a reactor.
  • To lower a control rod to slow a reaction down.