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Reactor Power Tap

ModBig Reactors
TypeSolid block

The Reactor Power Tap is a block in Big Reactors. It is used to extract energy, as Redstone Flux, from a Big Reactor. It is one of the six basic parts needed to make a Big Reactor, alongside the Reactor Controller, Yellorium Fuel Rods, Reactor Control Rod, Reactor Casing, and Reactor Access Port. However, it is not used in reactors that contain Reactor Coolant Ports.

The Reactor Power Tap is placed in the walls of a Big Reactor. There is no limit on how rapidly it can output energy from a Reactor, however the conduits or other devices it feeds energy into may have their own limits.

As the Reactor Power Tap directly outputs Redstone Flux, it simpler to use but less energy efficient than a pair of Reactor Coolant Ports connected to a Steam Turbine.


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