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Reactor Control Rod

ModBig Reactors
TypeSolid block

The Reactor Control Rod is a block added by Big Reactors. It is one of the six basic parts needed to make a Big Reactor along with the Reactor Casing, the Yellorium Fuel Rods, the Reactor Controller, the Reactor Power Tap, and the Reactor Access Port.

The Reactor Control Rods are placed on top of the Yellorium Fuel Rods that are inside the reactor. The Reactor Control Rods tell the reactor where the Yellorium Fuel Rods are inside the reactor.



The Reactor Control Rods allows the player to tweak the reactor more precisely. Right-clicking on the Reactor Control Rod will bring up a GUI interface that displays the fuel's temperature and also allows the player to adjust the Reactor Control Rod.

The player may extend or retract the Reactor Control Rod. Extending the Reactor Control Rod will lower the radiation within the Yellorium Fuel Rods; this will lower the heat and the power output of the reactor but will also decrease fuel consumption. Fully extending the control rod to 100% will shut off the fuel rod completely.

The player may also set a name for the Reactor Control Rod.