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This page is about the Ranged Nano Bot Beacon structure. For block, see Ranged Nano Bot Beacon (block).
Ranged Nano Bot Beacon
ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeMultiblock machine

The Ranged Nano Bot Beacon is a multiblock structure added by Environmental Tech. It provides nearby players with various status effects when supplied with enough energy (FE). It comes in 6 tiers.


When fully assembled and powered, the Beacon provides nearby players various status effects as long as it has enough FE. Both the FE cost and the applied effects depend on the Modifiers put in the structure.

Players are affected in a cubic area centered around the Beacon block, and each Tier has more range than the previous one, as follow:

Beacon Tier Range
1 32
2 48
3 64
4 80
5 96
6 112

The following Modifiers are valid :

Note that the
Absoption Modifier is valid, but it is only available in Creative mode.

The amount of FE/t required is calculated using the following formula:


  • FE/t is the final amount of FE consumed per tick
  • modifier is the amount of FE each modifier that is not a Null Modifier adds. By default this is 64 FE/t but the value of each type can be changed in the mod's configuration file. If there are no non-Null Modifiers, FE/t will be 0.

If multiple modifiers of the same type are put in the structure, the level of the applied status effect will stack, up to the tier of the Nano Bot Beacon; FE/t consumption will not be capped like the status effect's level. For example, adding 2 Speed Modifiers on a Tier 3 Beacon will provide Speed II to players, but inserting 5 of them will only grant Speed III while consuming the FE/t cost of 5 Speed Modifiers.


All structures can be built using the Assembler.

Tier 1

The complete structure is 5x3x5 and requires:


Tier 2

The complete structure is 7x4x7 and requires:


Tier 3

The complete structure is 9x5x9 and requires:


Tier 4

The complete structure is 11x6x11 and requires:


Tier 5

The complete structure is 13x7x13 and requires:


Tier 6

The complete structure is 15x8x15 and requires: