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Ranged Collector

ModActually Additions

The Ranged Collector is a block added by Actually Additions. It will automatically collect items around it in a 6 block radius. It also contains a filter. The input can be filtered through a whitelist or blacklist, filtering by metadata, NBT data, and/or Ore Dictionary entries if configured as such.

Per default, the Ranged Collector will be configured to use a whitelist. If the whitelist is empty, the Ranged Collector will not collect anything.

Right-clicking the Ranged Collector with a Redstone Torch will change its mode. Per default, the Ranged Collector is deactivated by Redstone, but if configured it can be activated by Redstone pulses.



Version history
1.11.2-r101Added a Redstone mode to the Ranged Collector.

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