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Range Addon

ModIndustrial Foregoing

The Range Addon is a machine upgrade added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to expand the working area of some machines by placing the Range Addon in the machines upgrade slots. There are 12 different Range Addons; Tier 0 reduces the working area to a single block, while Tiers 1 to 11 expand the radius of the working area by their tier number. For example, a machine with a 3x3 working area (radius 1) by default will expand to 7x7 (radius 3) with a Tier 2 upgrade.

Range Addons can be enchanted with looting/luck to increase mob drops from the Mob Crusher.


Upgrade tiers

Upgrade Tier Material Used Radius increase
Tier 0
Cobblestone -1
Tier 1
Lapis Lazuli 1
Tier 2
Iron Ingot 2
Tier 3
Block of Coal 3
Tier 4
Red Sandstone 4
Tier 5
Glowstone 5
Tier 6
Block of Iron 6
Tier 7
Gold Ingot 7
Tier 8
Nether Quartz 8
Tier 9
Diamond 9
Tier 10
Prismarine Shard 10
Tier 11
Emerald 11

"Industrial Foregoing"

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