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Bright Rainforest.png
ModBiomes O' Plenty
Forestry Climate
TemperatureTemperate (80%)
HumidityDamp (90%)

Rainforest is a temperate forest biome with distinctly bright green grass and leaves. It is a forest biome with moderate rain, but this biome does not snow during the winter.


The biome contains lots of large mountains, cliffs, valleys, and ponds of water.


The biome has many lakes with wetland plants around, such as [./https://biomesoplenty.fandom.com/wiki/Tiny_Lily_Pad Lily Pads]. Both Birch and [./https://biomesoplenty.fandom.com/wiki/Flowering_Oak_Tree Flowering Oak Trees] spawn here, sometimes featuring Vines. [./https://biomesoplenty.fandom.com/wiki/Orange_Cosmos Orange Cosmos], Dandelions, Blue Orchids, and [./https://biomesoplenty.fandom.com/wiki/Rafflesia Rafflesia] grow on the ground.

Mobs & NPCs

Parrots and ocelots spawn in this biome, alongside common passive mobs such as chickens.


Getting from place to place in the biome can be difficult. Crossing bodies of water and climbing sheer cliffs is often necessary to find food and shelter. Though dense, there are small breaks in the forest that are suitable for building. Jungle Temples will spawn in this biome, providing some useful loot.