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Programadores corrientesCovertJaguar
Última versión de Minecraft1.12.2
Servidor de DiscordEnlace
Canal de IRC#railcraftconnect
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
Tech World 2
FTB Unleashed
Direwolf20 1.5
FTB Unhinged
FTB Ultimate
Direwolf20 Pack
MindCrack Pack
YogCraft Modpack
FTB Lite
Magic World
Tech World

Railcraft es un mod creado por CovertJaguar que se expande principalmente sobre la funcionalidad existente de Vagonetas, incluyendo nuevas raíles, nuevos carros, un sistema de señalización y la capacidad de vincular carros. Además de los avanzados sistemas de Vagonetas, Railcraft agrega formas únicas de transporte de artículos, almacenamiento de líquidos y lógica de redstone basada en articulos.

It also has a very extensive set of decorative blocks, such as Quarried, Abyssal, Blood Stained, Frost Bound, Sandy, Infernal, Bleached Bone, and Nether. As well as these new block sets, it also adds new variations of the existing block sets, such as Slabs, Walls, and Stairs.


Railcraft is split into various different sections, called Modules. These modules are used for disabling/enabling certain parts of this mod. They can be toggled in the /minecraft/config/railcraft/modules.cfg configuration file by setting them to either true or false. There are 25 modules currently present in Railcraft:

Nombre del Módulo Nombre heredado Contains Mods requeridos
Automatización Detectors, loaders, dispensers, and the Tunnel Bore.
Chunk loading World Anchors, Sentinels, and other chunk loading devices.
Core Stack size, physics, naming, rendering, and other tweaks to carts, the Crowbar, recipe tweaks.
Electricidad Electric Locomotive and its related blocks and items.
Emblems Emblems and the Engraving Bench.
Extras "Fun" items, like the Launcher Track.
Fábrica Processing machines, like the Rock Crusher and the Rolling Machine.
Forestry Forestry compatibility in the form of backpacks. Forestry
IC2 IndustrialCraft 2 compatibility, such as energy carts, energy loaders/detectors, and the Steam Turbine. IndustrialCraft 2
Locomotives Steam Locomotive and Electric Locomotive related items.
Magic Firestone items and blocks
Routing Routing mechanics, such as the Routing Table and Routing Track.
Seasonal Two seasonal items: Gift and Pumpkin Carts, which can only be crafted during specific real-life seasons.
Signals Signaling and switching items, such as the Switch Track.
Steam Everything related to Steam.
Structures Decorative blocks
Thaumcraft Thaumcraft compatibility, which is currently just the Thaumium Crowbar. Thaumcraft 3 or Thaumcraft 4
Tracks All minecart tracks
Electric Tracks All electric tracks
H.S. Tracks All high-speed tracks
Reinforced Tracks All reinforced tracks
Wooden Tracks All wooden tracks
Train Cart-linking mechanics
Transport BuildCraft Transport mechanics, such as the Tank Cart and the Liquid Loader BuildCraft
World World-generation, such as Sulfur and Quarried Stone


  • Getting Started with Railcraft
  • High speed
  • Cart linking
  • Signaling
  • Switching examples
  • Track control for beginners
  • Detectors
  • Changelog

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