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RPG Immersion Pack
Pack rpgimmersion.png
Maintained byThe Vethean Dream Team
A modpack focused on RPG elements and the DivineRPG mod.
Version info
Current stable1.0.1
Delve into multiple worlds and experience a true RPG feel. With dozens of hours of game play anybody can achieve what they desire to become. whether someone wants to become a mighty warrior; an explorer; a farmer or a builder; the RPG Immersion Pack offers it all. With 8 new and unique dimensions; over 115 mobs and bosses to be fought; hundreds of items and blocks; this pack is guaranteed to keep anybody entertained.

The RPG Immersion Pack was a small modpack for Minecraft 1.4.7 maintained by The Vethean Dream Team. It is a modpack that centers around DivineRPG with a few support mods.

This modpack was removed from the third party default list on the FTB Launcher to make room for the 1.7 modpacks.

Mods included

Mod Version
Minecraft Forge
CodeChickenCore 0.7.3
DamageIndicators 2.4.8
Inventory Tweaks 1.50
VoxelMods 1.4.7_05