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RM Furnace

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
Previous tier
EMC value2,514,952 EMC

The RM Furnace or Red Matter Furnace is a block from Equivalent Exchange 2. It functions as a standard furnace, but is about 60 times faster, has 12 extra input and output slots, and will double the output of ore blocks that are put in it.

The Red Matter Furnace runs on alchemical fuels, such as Aeternalis Fuel, and EMC. It cannot accept EMC from Anti-Matter Relays, but it can accept it from adjacent Energy Collectors of any tier.

Adjacent Alchemical Chests will receive the products of the furnace directly. The products will be placed into the chest by the stack.


Fuel values

Fuel EMC value Smelts per fuel

32 44

128 44

Alchemical Coal
512 177

Mobius Fuel
2048 711

Aeternalis Fuel
8192 2908