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Latest1.11.2: 1.4
1.12.2: 2.8.2
Bottom line is, this ain't your dad's Minecraft, and you're going to die...a lot. Just be prepared for that. This tends to happen whenever I make mods for any game for some reason...it usually ends up being unfairly difficult.
RLCraft's CurseForge page

RLCraft is a CurseForge modpack made by Shivaxi. It is a survival focused modpack with heavy tweaks and a very high difficulty.

The most prominent mods are Tough As Nails, which adds temperature and thirst to monitor, Rough Tweaks, which removes natural health regeneration and requires the use of special healing items, Skillable and Level Up!, which provide skill trees to unlock, as well as Lycanite's Mobs alongside several other mob mods like Bloodmoon, which make the world highly dangerous.

Several mods that add structures to explore are also added, such as Ruins, Recurrent Complex, Doomlike Dungeons, Roguelike Dungeons and AtomicStryker's Battle Towers.

Mods included

Mod Authors
Advanced Fishing nightkosh
Advanced Hook Launchers EnderLanky
AlcatrazCore AlcatrazEscapee
Antique Atlas Hunternif
Anvil Patch - lawful Lumber_Wizard
Aquaculture 2 Shadowclaimer
Armor Underwear Mod The_Wabbit0101
AtomicStryker's Battle Towers atomicstrykergrumpy
AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs atomicstrykergrumpy
AutoRegLib Vazkii_
BNBGamingLib bloodnbonesgaming
BacoDifficulty BaconsGaming
Baubles Azanor13
BaublesHud GigaBit101
Better Combat Rebirth SanAndreasP
Better Foliage octarine_noise
Better Survival mod block_vader
Bloodmoon Lumien231
BountifulBaubles Cursed1nferno
Carrots Library The_Wabbit0101
Carry On Tschipp
Chunk Animator Lumien231
Comforts TheIllusiveC4
CompatSkills lanse505
CoralReef primetoxinz
Corpse Complex TheIllusiveC4
CraftTweaker Jaredlll08
Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle EwyBoy
CreativeCore CreativeMD
Custom Main Menu Lumien231
Defiled Lands Lykrast
Doomlike Dungeons JaredBGreat
Dynamic Surroundings OreCruncher
Dynamic Surroundings: HUDs OreCruncher
Dynamic Trees ferreusveritas
Dynamic Trees - Traverse Compat odorousrex
Enchantment Descriptions DarkhaxDev
EnhancedVisuals CreativeMD
Familiar Fauna Forstride
Fancy Block Particles TominoCZ
First Aid ichttt
FoamFix for Minecraft asiekierka
Food Expansion Lellson8
ForgeEndertech EnderLanky
Forgotten Items Tschipp
Global GameRules GoryMoon
Grappling Hook Mod yyonne
Ice and Fire: Dragons in a whole new light! alex1the1666
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
It's the little things Zlepper
ItemPhysic Full CreativeMD
IvToolkit Ivorforce
Just Enough Items (JEI) mezz
LLibrary iLexiconn
Leo's Craftable Chainmail Leo40Twitch
Level Up! Reloaded BeetoGuy
Loading Screens bloodnbonesgaming
Lost Souls McJty
Lycanites Mobs Lycanite
Main Menu Scale modmuss50
Mo' Bends iwoplaza
Mob Spawner Control PyrofabTheModsmith
Multi Mine atomicstrykergrumpy
Neat Vazkii_
No Tree Punching AlcatrazEscapee
OreLib OreCruncher
Phosphor jellysquid_
Potion Core Tmtravlr
Potion Rings Shivaxi
Quality Tools Tmtravlr
Realistic Torches Chaosyr
Reborn Core modmuss50
Recurrent Complex Ivorforce
Reskillable lanse505
Resource Loader Lumien231
Roguelike Dungeons greymerktv
Rough Tweaks Lellson8
Ruins (Structure Spawning System) atomicstrykergrumpy
Scaling Health SilentChaos512
Serene Seasons Forstride
Shadowfacts' Forgelin ShadowfactsDev
Silent Lib SilentChaos512
Simple Camp Fire jsitt
Sit bl4ckscor3
So Many Enchantments ShelterRin
Sound Filters Tmtravlr
Spartan Shields ObliviousSpartan
Spartan Weaponry ObliviousSpartan
Spartan and Fire cbkovak
SwingThroughGrass exidex
Switch-Bow White_Draco
TAN Campfire Spit WolfieWaffle
TNTUtils ljfa2
The Disenchanter Mod impelon
The Lost Cities McJty
TickProfiler MinimallyCorrect
Tool Belt gigaherz
Tough As Nails TheAdubbz
Traverse Legacy ProspectorDev
Trinkets and Baubles First_Rain
Trumpet Skeleton jamieswhiteshirt_
TschippLib Tschipp
Tumbleweed konwboj
Varied Commodities Noppes_
Waystones BlayTheNinth
Wearable Backpacks HeckinChloe
Wolf Armor and Storage satyrnidae
XP From Harvest ReaIGecko
XP Tome bl4ckscor3

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