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/r/feedthebeast (https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/) is a Reddit subreddit for the Feed The Beast (FTB) and modded Minecraft community. It was created to focus on FTB in particular, but it currently focuses on modded Minecraft in general.

/r/feedthebeast was originally created by Awade33 in late 2012[1]. It is currently moderated by Awade33, greenphlem, tterrag1098, iDarper, hadn69, and CritFlaw.[2]


The subreddit focuses on modded Minecraft, including news and discussions on various mods and modpacks. Each week, there is a pinned thread created by AutoModerator cycling between "Tips 'n' Trick" (for sharing tips and tricks), "Work-In-Progress" (for sharing work-in-progress in-game builds) and "Free-For-All" (for questions or sharing, or anything related to modded Minecraft).

Associated subreddits

Wanting /r/feedthebeast to focus on discussion of mods without being bombarded with server advertisements and users reporting crashes, the moderators of /r/feedthebeast made two new subreddits: /r/feedthebeastservers, for advertising modded servers, and /r/FeedTheBeastCrashes, for getting help with crashes. Other associated subreddits include /r/TestPackPleaseIgnore for Test Pack Please Ignore and /r/AlienMC for AlienMC, although both are inactive.

Test Pack Please Ignore

Main article: Test Pack Please Ignore

Test Pack Please Ignore was created by and for the /r/feedthebeast community as a GregTech 4-focused modpack and hosted on Feed The Beast (FTB) and Technic for Minecraft 1.6.4. Test Pack Please Ignore 2 was created as a sequel to it just on the FTB Launcher for Minecraft 1.7.10. It was planned to be released on Technic once it went out of beta, but it never did[3]. A Test Pack Please Ignore 3 was planned[4], but nothing came of it.


AlienMC was a server also created by and for the /r/feedthebeast community for Minecraft 1.7.10. The original server used the Test Pack Please Ignore modpack, but it later restarted and used a custom AlienMC modpack. The server ended up being severed from the community and was rebranded as "Black Sun Network"[5]. A new modpack and server called Black Sun was created for Minecraft 1.10, but the server went down and the modpack has been abandon.

"Best of" awards

At the end of every year starting in 2015, the user of /r/feedthebeast vote for the best submission of the year, the best comment of the year, the best build of the year, the best new mod of the year and the best new modpack of the year. The winners get two months of Reddit gold and a special lime green flair.

Best of 2015[6]
Award Post Poster Nominated by
Best Submission The Garden of ass pugler18 ConfigsPlease
Best Comment Garden of ass reply Vazkii PaladinAHOne
Best Build Excavating a strip mine TacoRedneck kenneth1221
Best New Mod Immersive Engineering (post) BluSunrize Sxcred
Best New Modpack Regrowth (post) thephoenixlodge revereddesecration

Best of 2016[7]
Award Post Poster Nominated by
Best Submission I uploaded malware to CurseForge Vazkii PaladinAHOne
Best Comment Reply to "To the mod author of Minecraft you forgot to name a block" Notch mezz
Best Build The King is dead, long live the King Pr3sl Watchful1
Best New Mod Super Circuit Maker (post) amadornes mezz
Best New Modpack All the Mods (post) whatthedrunk __HoldTheDoor__

Best of 2017[8]
Award Post Poster Nominated by
Best Submission Why won't my electric furnace work? Techatar WaterOre
Best Comment Reply to "/r/FeedTheBeast's BEST OF 2016 Winners!" Notch Unrealdinnerbone
Best Build The Fall - One More Big Door TacoRedneck MarkusGordathian
Best New Mod GLASS (post) iChun MarkusGordathian
Best New Modpack Age of Engineering (post) davqvist MarkusGordathian
Best of 2018[9]
Award Post Poster Nominated by
Best Overall Comment Reply to "/r/FeedTheBeast's BEST OF 2017 Winners!" Notch Evill_
Best Submission Vampire Hunter Overpopulation Problem HelloIsFloob let_me_choose_a_name
Best Build First modded base, finally got this old save working VonZeeple Pr3sl
Best New Mod FMC Bridge (post) Creator256 tiffit
Best New Modpack SevTech: Ages (post) Zsombiee SQUIDHEADSS121
Best Resource Pack Unity CyanideX DannezDoDooDoo
Best of 2019[10]
Award Post Poster Nominated by
Best Overall Comment Reply to: "Why is the molten metal in my smeltery not animated?" i_am_the_bread Lesweatymonkey
Best Submission Sheep keep shooting fireballs at me with the texture of a starmetal ingot - Please help Icelingbolt katubug
Best Build Welcome to Iris Laboratory! pneumatic_lance Archilyte
Best New Mod Rats (post) Alexthe668 comp500
Best New Modpack Omnifactory (post) damien_reave vini_2003
Best Resource Pack Modded 16x (post) scbilliter TheBigKahooner

Modded Minecraft Discord

/r/feedthebeast has an official Discord called the Modded Minecraft Discord. It is moderated by the subreddit's moderators, plus volunteer "police." It is one of the largest modded Discords, with over 23,000 members, behind the Technic Discord with over 33,000 members. It has a list of other modded Discords in its #mod-guilds channel. The Discord is officially partnered.


/r/feedthebeast's piece of /r/place.

In order to participate in Reddit's April Fools experiment, /r/place, the /r/feedthebeast community created a blue box with a the characters "r/ftb," a Clay Ball and a Dragon Heart under it, near a flag created by /r/ireland[11][12].

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