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Current developersDomochevsky
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

QuiverBow is a mod that introduces a lot of new ranged weapons. The mod brings in the eponymous bows with quivers, crossbows, guns, and even an arms assistant to store them all away.


QuiverBow adds in a lot of new weapons, including a Lightning gun, a Redstone flamethrower, and a Gold Nugget shotgun. Each of these weapons is useful, but not overpowered. The weapons are shown here:

  • Bow with Quiver (can hold 256 arrows in itself, does not break)
  • Compact Crossbow (powerful shot, reloads when crafted with 1 arrow)
  • Double Crossbow (can hold 2 arrows at once)
  • Blaze Crossbow (sets monsters on fire)
  • Semi-Automatic Crossbow (weaker, but can hold 8 arrows)
  • Automatic Crossbow (can shoot faster and hold 16 arrows)
  • Arrow Mortar (shoots 8 arrows at a time}
  • Dragonbox (shoots a small rocket, lights enemies on fire)
  • Four Headed Dragonbox (shoots 4 rockets at a time)
  • Dragon Mortar (shoots 8 rockets at a time)
  • Powder Knuckle (causes an explosion upon punch)
  • Modified Powder Knuckle (does less damage, has a Silk Touch effect)
  • Ender Bow (has an ender-eye aiming system)
  • Ender Rifle (projectile gains damage with distance)
  • Frost Lancer (stronger than Ender Rifle)
  • Coin Tosser (shoots a spread of gold nuggets)
  • Modified Coin Tosser (shoots concentrated gold nuggets)
  • Rocket Launcher (Shoots a TNT rocket that explodes after 1 second)
  • Improved Rocket Launcher (Shoots pre-made rockets, no self-damage)
  • Lapis Coil (Inflicts hunger and nausea on targets, can break glass)
  • Obsidian Spear Rifle (Does big damage and inflicts Wither on target)
  • Obsidian Wither Rifle (Does enormous damage and inflicts stronger Wither on target)
  • Obsidian Splinter Pistol (does medium damage and shoots quickly)
  • Redstone Sprayer (inflicts Wither 3 and Blindness, does no direct damage)
  • Nether Bellows (short range, low damage, high fire rate, sets targets on fire)
  • Snow Cannon (shoots snow, inflicts slowness)
  • Potatosser (shoots potatoes and charcoal)
  • Seedling (weak but cheap to make, breaks after 18 uses)
  • Thorn Spitter (good all-around weapon, shoots cacti)
  • Proximity Thorn Spitter (shoots thorn traps that detonate if someone comes near)
  • Seed Sweeper (shoots seeds, carries a lot of ammunition, little damage)
  • Sugar Engine (shoots sugar cane and sticks uber fast, slow movement when deployed)
  • Fen Fire (shoots glowstone to light up caves from far away)
  • Aqua Accelerator (shoots water buckets to put out fires and create paths)
  • Silken Spinner (shoots cobwebs to immobilize enemies)
  • Soul Cairn (requires diamonds for ammo, instant kills mobs and creates spawn eggs)
  • Hidden Ender Pistol (shoots ender pearls, anonymous)
  • Lightning Red (shoots lightning bolts, astronomical redstone consumption)
  • Sunray (beam weapon with infinite ammunition)
  • Ray of Hope (shoots Potions of Regeneration, heals target)
  • Ender Rail Accelerator (only one shot, incredible damage and explosion)
  • Arms Assistant (entity that carries weapons, shoots monsters, and can be used as a mobile chest)


It takes only 2 shots from the Ender Rail Accelerator to kill the Ender Dragon. The Soul Cairn allows the player to get spawn eggs in survival.

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