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Quest Gate System

ModHardcore Questing Mode
TypeSolid block

The Quest Gate System, which is often abbreviated as the QGS, is a block added by Hardcore Questing Mode that is used to create a door that can be opened once a quest is completed. The QGS cannot be obtained in survival, as it is used to create maps, and serves no practical purpose besides that.


Once the QGS is placed in the world, one can bind a Quest to it, either by the Select Quest tool, or by opening up the Quest Book to the quest you want bound to it. Once the quest is selected, one simply has to right click on the QGS to bind the quest.
Once the QGS is bound, right clicking on it will provide several options. The user can select what one wants the QGS to look like, choosing from a Tech Theme, a Magic Theme, and also the option to disguise it as a block. One can then choose if the textures or collision are on or off before the quest is completed, and whether the collision/textures are on or off after the quest is completed.