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Quest Delivery System

ModHardcore Questing Mode
TypeSolid block

The Quest Delivery System, which is often abbreviated as the QDS, is a block added by Hardcore Questing Mode that is used to submit fluids and items needed for a Consume Task or a QDS Task.



Once placed in the world, the QDS can be bound to a Consume or QDS task. Simply open up the Quest Book to the desired task, and then hit "Select Task." Once selected, one can right click on the QDS with the book to bind it to that task. One will know that it is bound when the HQM logo appears on the side of the block.

After binding a QDS, the player can submit items or fluids in several ways. The player can use a hopper to submit items, or, if one has a mod similar Thermal Expansion or Buildcraft installed, one can submit items via Itemducts or Pipes. Submitting liquids is similar, as one only needs to pipe the fluids in the same way they'd pipe the items in.

Once the quest is completed, the HQM logo will disappear. However, the QDS will continue to consume items, sending them nowhere.