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This page is about the Quartz Grindstone from Applied Energistics. For the Applied Energistics 2 equivalent, see Quartz Grindstone. For other Grindstones, see Grindstone.
Quartz Grind Stone

ModApplied Energistics

The Quartz Grind Stone is a machine added by Applied Energistics. The Grind Stone functions as a manual Macerator and Pulverizer for early game ore doubling. It is able to process numerous ores and materials, including Obsidian, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, and Coal.


The Grind Stone cannot be operated without a Wooden Crank.

Crafting Notes
Quartz Grind Stone
Wooden Crank


The Grind Stone's interface.

To operate the Quartz Grind Stone, a Wooden Crank must be placed on top of the block by shift right-clicking the block.

To process ores in the Grind Stone, ores can be placed in the three top-left slots. Holding down the right-mouse button on the Wooden Crank will start the process. After all ores are processed, the Wooden Crank will cease to move and will break after repeated attempts to use it with nothing in the Quartz Grind Stone. Processed ores can be taken out from the bottom-right slots.

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