Quantum Block

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Quantum Block

TypeSolid block

The Quantum Block is a block from the qCraft mod. Quantum Blocks exhibit the properties of any non-fluid, non-tile entity, non-nether blocks from Minecraft. Its appearance depends on the direction it is viewed from and the blocks it is crafted out of. Walking away from the block and looking back at it will make it cycle through the block's properties, depending on the direction the player has moved. The difference between this and the Observer Dependent Block is that rather than always showing the same block, it uses a chance method. East and west-viewed blocks have the same chance as each other, and north and south-viewed blocks have the same chance as each other.


To craft the Quantum Block the player must place an Essence of Superposition in the true center of the crafting grid. The blocks that it will take the appearance of will depend on the blocks placed in the spaces around it. Each slot's functionality is explained in the following crafting grid as a turquoise description in the according block's tooltip.

The recipe above will create a Quantum Block that appears as Oak Wood Planks when looked at from the north, Cobblestone when looked at from the east, Grass Block when looked at from the west, Gravel when looked at from the south, Stone when looked at from above, and Moss Stone when looked at from below.