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ModIndustrialCraft 2

The QuantumSuit is an armor set from the IndustrialCraft 2 mod. It is an extremely expensive, tier 4 rechargeable armor that can only be charged in an MFSU or higher-tiered variant. The QuantumSuit Helmet that allows night vision. It also makes the players immune to poison, radiation and wither effects. The QuantumSuit Bodyarmor makes the player immune to fire and is the bulk of the armor's protection rating (44% of incoming damage) if worn alone. The QuantumSuit blocks all incoming damage with the default configuration and instead directs all damage to the armor's durability. The QuantumSuit Leggings increases the player's speed by 3.5x. The QuantumSuit Boots allow the player to jump roughly 9 blocks high and prevent all falling damage at the cost of energy. The QuantumSuit makes the player virtually invincible if fully charged, with only a few weapons able to bypass its defenses. All parts of the quantum armor require their NanoSuit counterparts.

Technical Information

All pieces of the QuantumSuit can store 10 million Energy Units (EU). Any hit on any armor piece will drain 900-2000EU. When defense ratings are taken individually, the QuantumSuit Helmet will absorb 15% of the damage taken (unless effects are active, in which case more EU will be removed depending on the effect) , the QuantumSuit Bodyarmor will absorb 44%, the QuantumSuit Leggings will absorb 30%, and the QuantumSuit Boots will absorb the remaining 15%. Although the sum of the breakdown is 104%, it only really protects 100%. Note that Radiation, Wither Effect I, II, and III will remove roughly 0.8 million EU per second, not tick, overall for Wither Effect, and 40-80k EU per second for Radiation. Wearing the full set will grant the player 60 more health or 30 hearts in addition to the default 10 hearts. They are displayed when the player wears the entire set and different coloured hearts will overlap the regular ones. The final colour is green.