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This page is about the Purifier added by Deep Resonance. For other uses, see Purifier.

ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textThis machine needs filter material and will purify the liquid crystal from the top tank and place it in another tank below this block. The spent filter will be ejected in a nearby inventory.

The Purifier is a machine added by Deep Resonance. It is used to increase the Purity of Resonating Crystal Liquid.

When placed above or below a Tank filled with RCL, it will consume one Filter Material every 5 seconds (100 ticks) to increase the Purity of 200 mB of RCL by 25%, ejecting a Spent Filter Material to an adjacent inventory or to the world if there is no adjacent inventory. This process cannot increase Purity above 85%, an Infusing Laser is needed to increase it further.

If there is both a Tank above and below the Purifier, it will take RCL from the top one and output the purified result in the bottom one. If there is only one above or only one below, then the purified result will be ejected in the same Tank, mixing it with the remaining RCL.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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With the purifier you can enhance the purity of the liquid. To do this you need filter material which you can insert into the purifier. Put the tank of RCL that you want to purify above the purifier and another tank below it. The purifier can only purify up to 85% purity and will do so in steps of 25%. When the filter material is used up it will be ejected in an nearby inventory if possible. The purifier can also work with a single tank on top or below it. Note that if the quality of the liquid is not very good you may not be able to purify it as high as 85%.
Deep Resonance Manual