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Pure Daisy

Tooltip textWhat color do you want to be?

The Pure Daisy a flower added by Botania. It is mainly used for converting Wood and Stone into Livingwood and Livingrock respectively. However, it can also convert Netherrack into Cobblestone, Blaze Mesh into Obsidian, Soul Sand into Sand, Ice into Packed Ice and Water into Snow.

The tooltip references a quote from Mashiro Shiina, a character from the anime "Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo".


Note: Information about the Pure Daisy can be found in the Lexica Botanica book under "Basics and Mechanics."


Creating Livingwood

Creating Livingrock.

Creating Livingwood and Livingrock together.

The Pure Daisy is used to create Livingwood and Livingrock. To function, the Daisy must be placed on Grass or Dirt, and surrounded by either tree Logs, Stone, or a combination of the two. Any Wood blocks will work. These processes each take 60 seconds. (Prior to Botania R1.8 build 238, these processes each took 80 seconds.) The Pure Daisy does not consume Mana.

Lexica Botania entry

The Pure Daisy is not only the most basic, but also the most important flower a botanist can have.
This flower will purify any adjacent Wood and Stone blocks, as seen on the next page, into their purified counterparts, Livingwood and Livingrock, which can be used for crafting.
Lexica Botania