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This page is about the Pump added by BuildCraft. For other uses, see Pump.


The Pump is a machine in BuildCraft that pumps water, lava, and oil into tanks for storage or into other machines for use. The Pump can be powered using Redstone Flux (RF) or a Redstone Engine.


FTB Infinity Evolved

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The pump should be placed over a pool of liquid or an oil geyser. An engine can be directly attached to provide power, while Fluid Pipe will transport the fluids out. Unlike extracting fluids from other storage devices, a Wooden Fluid Pipe and a redstone engine attached to the pipe are not needed for fluid to start flowing into the pipe; fluid is extracted automatically.

Infinite water pump

To create an infinite water pump, place the pump over the center of a 3 x 3 x 1 pool of water. The pool will refill itself faster than the pump drains, even at maximum pumping power.

Because of the mechanics of lava, an infinite lava pool cannot be made in this way.