Pulse Mana Spreader

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Pulse Mana Spreader

TypeSolid block

The Pulse Mana Spreader (previously named the Redstone Mana Spreader prior to version R1.8 247) is a block added by Botania. It is used to transport Mana like the standard Mana Spreader, except it will only emit Mana when a redstone signal is present. Furthermore, the Pulse Mana Spreader emits mana once per redstone pulse, which is useful for sending Mana to objects like Drums. To toggle Mana emission at will, the standard Mana Spreader is preferred and can be controlled by redstone signals.

Mana bursts from the Pulse Mana Spreader differ in color compared to the standard Mana Spreader (red instead of green). This color can be changed by using a Mana Lens.