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Pseudo-Inversion Sigil

ModExtra Utilities
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:divisionSigil
Unlocalized namedivisionSigil

The Pseudo-Inversion Sigil is an item added by Extra Utilities. It is used for creating Mobius "Unstable/Stable" Ingots, and cannot be used to remove enchantments from tools and weapons. It is obtained by doing the Stabilization Ritual with an activated Division Sigil.

Stabilization Ritual

The placement of blocks in the ritual (with Red Wool marking where to place Redstone, and White Wool marking where to put String).

Shift-right clicking a Beacon with an activated Division Sigil will show the requirements and whether or not they have been met. The ritual must be performed in The End dimension. Trying to perform the ritual in The Overworld or The Nether will result in a message saying "Too much natural earth" (in The Overworld) or "Too hot" (in The Nether).


Once in The End, a spiral formation must be built with Redstone and String (with the Beacon at the center), and 4 Chests must be placed 4 blocks away in each cardinal direction from the Beacon (4 blocks north, 4 block east, etc.).

The Northern Chest (The Children of Fire)

  • Put at least 12 of the following items




Cooked Fish

Hardened Clay

Cactus Green



Iron Ingot

Cooked Chicken

Gold Ingot

Baked Potato

Cooked Porkchop

Nether Brick

The Southern Chest (The Gifts of Earth)

  • Put at least 12 of the following items

Grass Block

Lapis Lazuli Ore




Diamond Ore


Redstone Ore

Gold Ore

Clay (Block)

Iron Ore

Emerald Ore

Coal Ore

The Eastern Chest (The Descendants of Water)

  • Put at least 12 different vanilla potions

The Western Chest (The Spices of Air)

  • Put the following items

Music Disc (13)

Music Disc (mellohi)

Music Disc (cat)

Music Disc (stal)

Music Disc (blocks)

Music Disc (strad)

Music Disc (chirp)

Music Disc (ward)

Music Disc (far)

Music Disc (11)

Music Disc (mall)

Music Disc (wait)

Once everything has been set up, killing an Iron Golem on the Beacon will trigger "The Siege".

The Siege

When the Siege starts, an explosion occurs and destroys the Beacon and chests, while all of the Endermen in The End will disappear. During the Siege, faster, aggressive mobs continuously spawn and the player must kill 100 of these mobs to end the Siege and complete the ritual. If the player dies or leaves the End dimension at any point during the Siege, the ritual will fail and the player will not be rewarded with a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil; preparation is crucial before starting The Siege.

Once the player has killed 100 mobs, the mobs spawned during The Siege will disappear, Endermen will start spawning in The End again, and the first activated Division Sigil in the player's inventory will be stabilized into a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil.

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