Promised Land

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Promised Land
ModBiomes O' Plenty

The Promised Land is an island dimension added by Biomes O' Plenty. It was removed in Version 7.17 of Biomes O' Plenty due to problems with lag.

Entering and exiting the Promised Land

To access the Promised Land, one must use the Ancient Staff in the Overworld, which creates a portal in the sky to the new dimension. When the player spawns in the Promised Land, an exit portal to the Overworld is also generated. If the player falls in the Promised Land, they will spawn high up in the Overworld, which can result in death.




The Promised Land is an island dimension lit by eternal sunset. Like many dimensions, the Promised Land is made of special blocks not found in the Overworld. Large islands are formed of Sky Stone topped with Purified Grass and Purified Dirt. In addition, smaller islands made of Cloud Blocks can be used to access the larger islands. Large pools of Water and Spring Water also spawn. The dimension has four biomes:

  • Blessed Bog
  • Wondrous Woods
  • Majestic Meadow
  • Sublime Shrubland


The Promised Land's sky is sunset-colored. In the dimension, the time is permanently noon, so beds are useless.


No mobs except for Birds and Pixies can spawn in the Promised Land.

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