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Processing Array

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
TypeMultiblock structure

The Processing Array is a multiblock Machine in GregTech 5 Unofficial for processing huge amounts of materials. A single Processing Array can replace up to 16 single block machines.


Building the Multiblock

The processing Array is a hollow 3x3x3 build of Robust Tungstensteel Casings (at last 16). The controller is placed in the front center. It needs Input and Output Hatches or Busses according to the recipes to be used. It also needs a Maintainance Hatch and a Energy Hatch supplying enough Energy.

Once the Multiblock formed, resolve the issues. Next open the GUI and place the Machines(1-16) the Processing Array should replace into the top right slot.


Like with all GT Multiblocks, make sure not to build over Chunkborders. Sharing walls can save up to 1/3 of the Robust Tungstensteel Casings. The Recipe Tier the Processing Array uses depends on the single block Machines places in the GUI. The Voltage of the Energy Hatch does not change the processing. For example, to support 16 32V recipes a HV Energy Hatch, for 4 512V recipes a EV Energy hatch is needed. Higher Energy hatch tiers also work fine.