Primal Shroom

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Primal Shroom

ModThaumic Bases
TC4 Aspects



The Primal Shroom is a fungus added by Thaumic Bases. It goes through 4 growth stages. Harvesting a mature Primal Shroom will cause it to drop itself and aspect orbs.


Thaumonomicon entry

Those vishrooms were bugging thaumaturges for quite a while. What are they? Why are there so many in the magical forest? What are they even usefull [sic] for? You think, that you can finally answer this question. It seems like those vishrooms are just a huge storage of aspects... Without the ability to burst them. Who have done that to the poor shrooms stays unknown, but you have managed to restore that ability through a very simple crucible magic. If you let your new Primal Shrooms grow and then harvest them they will cover everything around themself [sic] in a rain of primal aspect orbs!
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