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Pressurized Reaction Chamber


The Pressurized Reaction Chamber is a machine added by Mekanism. It is used to create HDPE Pellets by also creating its intermediate component, Substrate. Its sides can be configured to import or export materials.



The Pressurized Reaction Chamber can perform three different reactions:

Energy consumption rate Operation duration Energy required Input liquid Input solid Input gas Output solid Output gas
5 J/t 5 seconds 500 J 10 mB Water 2 Bio Fuel 100 mB Hydrogen Substrate 100 mB Ethylene
205 J/t 3 minutes 20 seconds 82 kJ 200 mB Water Substrate 100 mB Ethylene 8 Substrate 10 mB Oxygen
1 kJ/t 3.5 seconds 70 kJ 50 mB Liquid Ethylene[1] Substrate 10 mB Oxygen HDPE Pellet 5 mB Oxygen
  1. Liquid Ethylene is not the same as Ethylene; it is acquired by processing Ethylene through a Rotary Condensentrator.

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