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Pressure tube

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesExpansion

The Pressure tube is a block added by Project Red to transported items from A to B. The tube has no special features such as the various pipes and is needed for the Block Breaker, the Item Importer and the Filtered Importer, which do not connect to the pipes (see Usage). The tube connects also to Chests and Pressure Resistance tubes.

The Pressure tube is required for crafting the Pressure Resistance tube.

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Pressure tube with the Chemical Decomposer into 16 Silicon Dioxide and 48 Iron (Fe).



The Pressure Tubes are parts of another transport system of Project Red, which operates with air pressure. This pressure is created instantly if the connected Item Importer or Filtered Importer is activated by a Redstone signal. This pressure then transport items from different machines, e.g. the Block Breaker, or chests to another machines or chests (example shown in picture 1).

The Pressure Tubes have no GUI or other functions to control the routing of items. The only rule of item transport is, that an item which leaves e.g. the Item Importer is transported to the next machine or storage with free inventory space, for example a chest with free space. If the nearest storage is full, then the item is transported to the next machine or storage free free space. An example is displayed in picture 2.

The only option to control the routing path is the usage of Pressure Resistance tubes, to change the ranking of paths (for more see Pressure Resistance tube).