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ModGregTech 6

The Press is a crafting machine added by GregTech 6. It uses pressure stamping to process multi-layer materials, or to Mold a few malleable things.

The Press is powered by kinetic energy or KU provided by an engine.



Some representative recipes.

Ingredients Result
Silicon Dioxide Dust and Plastic Sheet Empty Circuit Plate
Circuit Wiring and Empty Circuit Plate Circuit Plate
Fine Wire and Tiny Crystallized Silicon Plate Circuit Part
Circuit Part and Circuit Plate Circuit Board
Crystal Circuit and Crystal Processor Socket Crystal Processor
Rods, Bolts, and Redstone Electrode
String and Dynamite Dust Dynamite
Round and Bullet Casing Bullet
Arrowhead and Headless Arrow Arrow
Silicon Dioxide Dust and Gunpowder TNT

With a Bullet Casing Mold, it will make Bullet Casings from Gunpowder and Tiny Brass Plates. It can also press Dough into Food Grade Molds of various shapes.

It will also perform all the default recipes of the AE2 Inscriber: duplicating presses and making circuits and processors.