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ModGuns Without Roses
Tooltip textGives a chance to not consume ammo when firing
Technical details
First appearance1.0.0

Preserving is an enchantment added by Guns Without Roses. It can be applied to any gun from the mod, up to level III.

When applied, firing with the weapon has a chance of not consuming ammunition. This does not allow the gun to fire when no ammo is present. The chance is given by the following formula:


  • p is the probability of not consuming ammo (0 for 0%, 1 for 100%)
  • level is the level of Preserving
Level I II III
Chance to not consume ammo 33% 50% 60%
Average ammo increase 50% 100% 150%

This chance is independent from any native chance to not consume ammo the enchanted gun may have. For example, a gun with a native 33% chance to not consume ammo with Preserving II will have a 67% chance to not consume ammo.

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