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Extraction Chamber

Previous tier
Max RF input32,000 RF/t
RF use10 RF/t
RF storage50,000 RF

The Precision Chamber is a machine added by Calculator. Similarly to the Extraction Chamber, it can extract Soil and random Dirty Circuits out of Dirt, and Small Stone and random Damaged Circuits out of Cobblestone. This process takes 500 ticks (25 seconds) to complete and uses a total of 5,000 Redstone Flux.

Unlike the Extraction Chamber, the process will always yield a Dirty/Damaged Circuit and will produce 2 Soil/Small Stone instead of 1. In addition to this, several other blocks can also be processed to yield specific Dirty/Damaged Circuits instead of random ones.

Right clicking the sides using a Wrench will reconfigure it. Each side can either be set to Input (green) or Output (red).