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Power Relay

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance10

The Power Relay is a block added by RFTools.

Placed between an RF power source (such as a Powercell) and an RF power consumer, the Power Relay will throttle the flow of power. This can be useful when a limited supply of RF must be shared between machines. The amount of power can be specified in the GUI and altered by apply a redstone signal to the Power Relay.



The Power Relay GUI consists of two number fields for each of the six faces of the block. Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons adjust the values up and down by 500 per increment, or the player can manually type a number into the field. The columns on the left and right are used to specify values for when the Power relay is or is not receiving a redstone signal. Colored boxes can be toggled between Orange (output) and Blue (input).

Example usage

In the following example illustrations, a Powercell is connected to a Matter Transmitter, a Thermal Expansion Redstone Furnace and a Thermal Expansion Pulverizer. A Powercell has a maximum transfer rate of 5000 RF/t but in times of heavy demand, upgraded machines can potentially draw much more than that.


To ensure that its Matter Transmitter always has power, but allow for times when it really needs to cook something in a hurry, the Creeper has configured its Power Relay in the following manner:

  • When the Lever is OFF: 1,000 RF/t is reserved for the Matter Transmitter and the remaining power is split evenly between the Furnace and the Pulverizer.
  • When the Lever is ON: All power is directed to the Furnace.



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