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Power Converters: RP Module
Past developersOvertJaguar
Supported Minecraft versions1.4.7
Previously depended onPower Converters
RedPower 2

Power Converters: RP Module was an unofficial addon for Power Converters that added support for RedPower 2's Blutricity.

It allowed conversion to and from IndustrialCraft 2's EU, BuildCraft's MJ, Railcraft's Steam, Factorization's Charge and Universal Electricity's Watts, interfacing to the Energy Bridge like the native consumers and producers in Power Converters. It did not however allow BT Batteries to be charged using the Universal Charger.

Both the RP2 Consumer and Emitter only connected to Battery Boxes to accept power, standard Blue Alloy Wire did not connect.


RP2 Consumer

RP2 Producer

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