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Modicon PowerCraft.png
Current developersdannikinfo
Past developersRapus, XOR, MightyPork
Version1.0.2a (PowerCraft 2)
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

PowerCraft, originally called FutureCraft, is a mod originally by MightyPork, but later maintained by Rapus and XOR. PowerCraft is separated into multiple modules with different features.


PowerCraft was originally released by MightyPork and called FutureCraft. It was a combination of five of MightyPork's mods- Logic Gates, Conveyor Belts, Redstone Clock, Indication Lights and Redstone Radio. Most of these earlier mods were deleted, except Redstone Radio[1]. It was released for Minecraft 1.0 for ModLoader. It continued to support ModLoader throughout the mod's time span, although some support for Forge Mod Loader was introduced in Minecraft 1.3's versions, and with full support in Minecraft 1.4 and later versions. MightyPork maintained it until 1.4, when he handed it off to Rapus and XOR, who maintained it until its final release in Minecraft 1.5.2, version 3.5.2. Although an update was in the works for Minecraft 1.6 and 1.7, and a re-write called "PowerCraft 2.0" was being worked on for Minecraft 1.8[2], PowerCraft has not had another release, and its website is down[3].

PowerCraft/FutureCraft, in its earlier days, was accused of being copied from MineFactory Reloaded and/or RedPower 2, but this was proven false by the mod authors[4][5].

Older versions of PowerCraft supported many languages, including Czech, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Finnish, Spanish, German, Serbian, French, Croatian, Dutch, Slovak and Latvian, but the latest versions only supports English.

In 2020, PowerCraft was ported to 1.7.10 as a beta version under the name PowerCraft 2. This port was never complete, however.


Module Contains
API Main code for other modules.
Checkpoints Adds the Checkpoint.
Core Adds a few core and miscellaneous items.
Deco Adds various decorational blocks.
Hologram Adds the Hologram Field and corresponding items.
Item Storage Adds the Big Chest, compressor and its upgrades and variants.
Light Adds the Laser and blocks and items to manipulate it.
Logic Adds new Redstone gates.
Machines Adds miscellaneous machines.
Mobile Adds the Miner. Currently disabled.
Net Adds wireless Redstone.
Teleport Adds the Teleporter.
Transport Adds conveyor belts to transport items or mobs.
Weasel Adds a new programming language, Weasel, and ways to interact with it.

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