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This page is about the Potion Making from Xeno's Reliquary. For other uses, see Potion Making.
Potion Making

ModXeno's Reliquary

Potion Making is a special way of creating potions in Xeno's Reliquary, all of which can be crafted in an ordinary Crafting Table.

Base Potions

The first step to crafting potions is to make Vials and the Base Potions.

  • Empty Vials are filled by right-clicking a Water source.
  • Condensed Splash Serums are used to make splash serums that can be thrown for an effect on the surrounding area and/or mobs.
  • Condensed Solvent is the base for the drinkable Elixirs.

Splash Serums

  • Love Potion #9 -- Makes animals frisky.

  • Splash Poison Serum -- Causes Poison.

  • Splash Acid Serum -- Causes Harming.

  • Splash Blinding Serum -- Causes Blindness.

  • Splash Confusion Serum -- Causes Confusion.

  • Splash Fertilizer Serum -- Fertilizes a 5x5 area, like Bone Meal.

  • Splash Ruination Serum -- Weakness, Slowness and Poison.

  • Splash Wither Serum -- Wither effect.

  • Splash Slowing Serum -- Slowness.

  • Splash Weakness Serum —Weakness.

Drinkable Elixirs

Combination Elixirs

These combo Elixirs use 4 each of 2 types of the mid tier Elixirs and give you the effects of both for a shorter amount of time.

  • Ablative Protection -- 4x Firewarding 4x Resistance.

  • Alchemical Clerity -- 4x Speed 4x Digging.

  • Alchemical Potence -- 4x Strength and 4x Jump.

  • Grand Panacea -- 4x Healing 4x Regeneration and Milk effect.