Portal to Alfheim

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Portal to Alfheim
Botania Portal to Alfheim.png
TypeMultiblock structure

The Portal to Alfheim is a multiblock structure added by Botania. It allows the player to exchange certain blocks and items. Unlike most portals, the Portal to Alfheim cannot be travelled through, and if the player were to stand in it, it would not teleport them anywhere.

If the portal runs out of Mana, or a part of the structure is broken, the Portal will close.


The portal frame is 5x5 and requires:


In addition, at least 2
Natura Pylons with
Mana Pools below them must be placed in an 11×11×11 area centered on the gateway core. For versions for Minecraft 1.7.10, the Pylons must be placed 3 blocks out and 3 blocks over from the Elven Gateway Core.

Alfheim Portal Mana Pool Setup.png
Setup for Mana Pools in Minecraft versions before 1.12.x.

Once the structure is complete, use the Wand of the Forest on the gateway core to open the portal. This consumes 200,000 Mana split between all pools.


To exchange resources, throw items into the portal - if they can be exchanged, the portal will slowly drop resulting items in its center and consume 500 Mana per operation.

Items of elven origin (like Elementium and Dreamwood) cannot be inserted into the portal. Inserting Bread will cause a small explosion, destroying most of the portal frame.

If a Lexica Botania without Elven Knowledge is thrown into the portal, it will be returned with this knowledge added.

Items that are not exchangable will be lost when thrown into the portal, with the exception of Diamonds, Iron Ingots and Ender Pearls which will be returned.


Input Output



2 Manasteel Ingots

Elementium Ingot

2 Blocks of Manasteel

Block of Elementium

Mana Pearl

Pixie Dust

Mana Diamond


Block of Mana Diamond

Block of Dragonstone

Nether Quartz

Elven Quartz



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