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Portal Gun


The Portal Gun is a tool added by PortalGun. It is the main feature of the mod, capable of creating a pair of linked portals that allow for immediate travel of mobs and entities between them. There are several different types of Portal Guns, utilizing different color schemes. In addition, they can be used to pick up most blocks and entities. Portal guns can be found as Dungeon loot, and their icon image will include the color of the portal they last shot. They are a unique tool in the fact that, when being used, render an actual 3D model.

By middle-clicking while holding the Portal Gun will give the player zoomed in sight. This is useful if one is using the Portal Gun to teleport to an exact block. Pressing the "R" key while holding a Portal Gun will erase all set portals by that specific Portal Gun.

One portal alone is unusable; there must be a twin portal somewhere else for the portals to be connected and usable. Portals are used by moving through them, only players, mobs, items, experience orbs, Minecarts, Boats, Weighted Storage Cubes and Weighted Companion Cubes are transportable through portals. The exception is when a portal is placed on the moon.

When an entity travels through a portal, they are instantly teleported straight to the twin portal at the same speed and direction they entered into the first one.

If the player shoots the moon while another portal on Earth is already active, blocks will be permanently removed as they are sucked into the portal. If the player is sucked in they are teleported to the maximum map height with the player zoomed in on the moon. They will start falling to the ground, resulting in almost certain death. Wearing Long Fall Boots will be extremely useful if this occurs. "Moon Portals" can be disabled in the config file.

Types of Portal Guns

There are a variety of Portal Gun types. Unless noted to act differently, most Portal Guns behave like the default Portal Gun.

Below are the crafting recipes for the portal gun variations.

Default Portal Gun

The default Portal Gun is the base variant of all other portal guns in the game, and is the counterpart of the two-color generic portal gun from Portal and Portal 2. The portal colors are shared by it and its single coloured counterparts.

In addition, the single-color Portal Guns can be crafted together to make a default, two-color Portal Gun, or if one is equipped when the other is picked up, the two will merge automatically.

The default portal gun uses two colours: left-clicking shoots a blue portal while right-clicking shoots an orange portal.

Single Coloured Default Portal Gun

The single colored variants are created by putting a default Portal Gun in a furnace. It will become the single color variant that its icon indicates, which is determined by the last portal shot.

Atlas' Portal Gun

This version of the Portal Gun is identical to the default Portal Gun, outside its use of different colors. These colors are unique to it, but are shared by all Portal Guns of its type.

P-Body's Portal Gun

This version of the Portal Gun is identical to the default Portal Gun, outside its use of different colors. These colors are unique to it, but are shared by all Portal Guns of its type.

Potato Gun

Formerly known as the Bacon Gun (crafted with Pork), the Potato Gun will randomly select two colors for use. This is handy on multiplayer servers, as it acts as a player's own personal Portal Gun, whereas all others have fixed colors and share them between all guns.

Bacon Gun

General Usage

Portal Guns will either spawn one or two 1x2 Portals of different colors on flat surfaces at least two blocks long. The portals are created by a projectile fired from the Portal Gun, if a portal can be created. One color is directly linked to another, such as blue and orange for the default Portal Gun, and all entities can be transported between the portals, while still being subjected to pre-existing velocities upon exiting. Like the Portal games, motion from gravity can be redirected into lateral, side to side motion, or into upward vertical motion. Fall damage can easily stack up, thus encouraging the use of Long Fall Boots.

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