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Portal Controller

ModEnhanced Portals 3
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textPortal Frame Part

The Portal Controlller is a component in the construction of portals within Enhanced Portals 3. This block acts as the central block. Location Cards are set with this block, and the Portal's "Unique Identifier" is set in its GUI.

The block's GUI can only be viewed with a Wrench, and the block can only be seen with Glasses.

The portal's unique identifier is a combination of 9 items, known as Glyphs, in a specific order. These glyphs must be unique from any other portal in the Minecraft world. The unique identifier is used by the Dialling Device to link another portal.

The Portal Controller also sets whether the portal is "Public" or "Private". A public portal will permit being connected to any other portal, despite its Dimensional Bridge Stabilizer. Private portals can only be connected to portals on the same Dimensional Bridge Stabilizer network.

Breaking a Portal Controller will lose all of the portal's data, such as its customization and network configurations.