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This page is about the Portal added by Mystcraft. For other uses, see Portal.

TypeMultiblock structure

The Portal is a multiblock structure added by Mystcraft. It allows for fast one-way travel between ages.


The frame is made out of Crystal blocks. Creating Mystcraft portals is similar to making vanilla Nether Portals without some of the restrictions—it can be any size and shape as long as the shape is completely closed. Portal blocks can go across chunks.


To open a portal a Book Receptacle must be placed on any block of the portal and have either a Descriptive Book or a Linking Book. The portal is one-way—it will not create a way back or a second portal.

Any entity that touches the inside of the portal will immediately be teleported to the set location. This applies to players, mobs, items, carts, etc.

The portal will retain the modifiers the inserted book has.

Server Commands

With the necessary privileges (Server op) players can use the /tpx command in multiplier to bypass portals and books. This command is also useful when players are stuck in an age. For example:

/tpx <player> <dimension> or /tpx <player> <player>

Where <dimension> is the number of the age, 0 being the Overworld, 1 being the End and -1 the Nether.